Inspiration Island Outpost – Virtual World in a Browser Teaches about Classic Virtual Worlds

The creators of Inspiration Island also created (Virtual World in a Web Browser) and  (3D Website). Meander through the 3DWebsite Box below (3DWW Inspiration Island Outpost) to learn more about what Inspiration Island on grid has to offer. If you aren’t sure which virtual world platform is right for you, or if you are trying to provide virtual world orientation for friends, point them to this outpost for an experience in a 3DWebWorldz platform while also learning about Classic Virtual Worlds.

Click here to visit the Inspiration Island Outpost in full screen.

DESKTOPS: Touch anywhere to begin. Mouse to rotate. WASD and EC keys to move in any direction.
SMART DEVICES: Click the TouchScreen button. Touch to begin. Drag finger to turn, hold to move forward.