The Virtual World Survival Guide™

The Virtual World Survival Guide and corresponding Virtual World Survival Trail on Inspiration Island is designed to teach all users how to get the most out of their virtual world experience.  Currently, Level 01 is available and consists of 20 Easy Steps, each with an Extra Credit Bonus Tip.  All in all it is just under 50 lessons that show you how to use all of the options available to you; from walking, running and flying to getting dressed, to even making your own t-shirt.  

Plus, have you heard about the Hypergrid?  The Hypergrid is a network of virtual worlds you can enter and explore (think StarGate for you scifi fans)...if you know how.  We will teach you how and walk you through avatar preparation too!

The A2Z SingSmart Academy™

Learn to improve your singing voice by learning how to SingSmart, Not Hard™(SSNH)  with Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME, creator of the SSNH Method and author of best selling vocal educational curricula such as Singing is Easy, You Can Sing with Impact and Affordable Singing Lessons. Using 3D Methods to help singers, teachers and anyone who has interest in vocal health/education understand the Science of Singing. 

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To learn more about the origen of this project:  A2Z Smart Music Academy.

Jacked Up Jamie Inspirational Center

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