Step 01a : Landmarks

There is a lot to do, see and learn on Inspiration Island.  Most likely you will not do it all in one trip.  Learning about landmarks will not only help you return to Inspiration Island, but also any other place you find on your journey.

Landmarks (often referred to as LMs) are like magic pins on a map that will instantly teleport to your desired location.

Read below to learn all about landmarks!

Accepting a landmark from a “Landmark Giver”.

We have placed a landmark in a box for you at VWST Checkpoint #1.  All you have to do is TOUCH (left click) and then click the accept button on the blue dialog box.

  Finding your Landmarks

Landmarks can be accessed in several different ways.  Right now we are going to teach you the most basic and the most obvious.

TOOLBAR:  The “Places” Button

PULL-DOWN MENU: World / Places



To Teleport: Highlight a landmark and click the “Teleport” button.

You can also right-click on a landmark for more options, or click the Map and Profile buttons for more information on that location.

Grab a Landmark from Anywhere!

Landmark Givers are common, but there will be many places where you will need to create your own landmark.

There are TWO ways to manually create a landmark:

TOOLBAR: Create a Landmark Button

PULL-DOWN MENU:  World / Landmark this Place

Now you can fill up your “address book” with interesting places you visit, so you can easily return any time you want!

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bonusSetting Up Favorite Landmarks for Easy Access

If you have places you visit all the time, consider adding them to your FAVORITE LANDMARKS folder. Doing so makes it really easy to bounce around from place to place!  With these instructions,  you can have your favorite landmarks lined up across the top of your viewer in a toolbar.  Super convenient!


ACTION A: Make sure your VIEWER PREFERENCES are correct. 



Open Your Preferences Panel as we learned in the VWSG Introduction using the Toolbar, Control+P or Pull-down Menu Avatar, then Preferences.

Study the image provided and note the vertical and horizontal menu system.  The tabs running down the left side are your main categories.  The tabs across the top are sub-menus for the chosen category.  In this case we want.

MAIN CATEGORY (Left Side): “User Interface” ;
SUB-CATEGORY (Across Top): “Top Bars” ;

Options: Activate “Show Favorites Bar” >>Choose OK

ACTION B: Declaring your LM Favorites

 Open your PLACES PANEL :

TOOLBAR:  button-landmarks  The “Places” Button; OR

PULL-DOWN MENU: World / Places


Set the PLACES PANEL to Landmarks on both the top and bottom tab row.

>>Right-click on the landmark of choice and choose “Copy” from the menu.

>>Choose the “Favorites” Tab on the second row. Right-Click, choose “Paste“.

HOT TIP: You can also drag your landmarks to the top favorites bar and just drop them there!  Like we said, super convenient!

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!

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