Step 01b : Land Groups & Groups

There are two kinds of “Groups” you will run across often: Groups and Land Groups.

Both are organizations that you can join, usually by invitation. Joining a group allows you to participate in Group Chat, receive Group Notices/Announcements and sometimes get free gifts, just for being a group member! Examples of these groups might be your favorite clothing designer or live musician. Some members might be given special “roles” with additional group privileges.

Land Groups are the same thing, only with land rights and land privileges included in the available privilege options.

IN MOST CASES  >> If you want to interact with the land you are on,
you will need to be a member of that land group.


How to Join a Group

1. Click the green box that says JOIN GROUP. Now you need to look at “Local Chat”.

“Local Chat” is an open chat room/box for anyone within so many meters of your avatar.  It is also a place where you will receive system messages and other interactive information. We will practice and learn more about this later. For now, let’s focus on completing the Group Join process.

2. Open the CHAT Widget Window

There are three ways to accomplish this, which do you like best?

TOOLBAR:    Chat Bubble Button

KEYSTROKES:  Control + H;

MENU: “Comm”, then “Chat”.

3. Make sure the column on the left is set to “Nearby Chat”

You will see confirmation of your group join with a message there.

You will notice that the text above your head changes after joining. This will happen with every group you join. The text above your head represents the currently ACTIVE GROUP. 

When you are on Inspiration Island and interacting with our land, you will need to activate the Island tag.

(Not sure how to do that? Check out the Extra Bonus Tip below!)

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bonusActivating a Group Tag

The purpose of activating a group tag is to gain use of its privileges, like interacting with the land and sometimes just to show support.

After you begin exploring, you will probably join several groups.  Each time you join a group, it makes that group tag active. You can confirm this by looking at the text over your head.  To change the active group there are just a few simple steps.

>> Open the CHAT Widget Window (there are three ways to accomplish this, which do you like best?)

TOOLBAR:    Chat Bubble Button

KEYSTROKES:  Control + H;

MENU: “Comm”, then “Chat”.


>> On the LEFT side of the Chat Widget Window, click the TOP TAB, “Contacts”.

>>  Across the TOP, click the MIDDLE TAB, “Groups”

>>  Right click on the desired group and choose “Activate”


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