Step 03 : Learn How to See (Camera Controls)

Knowing how to use your camera controls makes ALL the difference in the world.  You can actually look at this entire island using your camera and never moving your avatar at all.  So, not only do you have eyes in the back of your head, you have eyes miles away!


To access your Camera Control Widget Panel

TOOLBAR:    button-camera-controls





Left Side Arrows:  Spin on Camera Axis

Right Side Arrows:  Move Camera up, down, left and right.

Center Slider: Zoom in  and out  (you can also use your mouse scroll wheel)

>> The buttons on the top of the Camera Controls are presets: Front, Side, Back, Zoom, Mouseview and Reset Camera

Try the present buttons now.  The Front, Side and Back are especially helpful when you are working on your appearance or getting dressed, both of which we will cover in upcoming lessons.

To get out of MOUSEVIEW:  scroll back using your mousewheel, tap ESCAPE on your keyboard, or click the RESET CAMERA button (The “X” at the end of the Camera Preset Buttons).


Sometimes your camera lens center gets out of whack. If the CAMERA RESET button isn’t doing the trick, try SHIFT+ESC.

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How Far Do You Want to See?

We know  you are excited and ready to go shoot yourself out of a cannon across the Grand Canyon or something, but taking a moment to learn the technical stuff will make sure your FUN time is fun time … instead of spending an hour trying to figure out how to see farther in the distance. After all, you don’t get the full experience if you can’t see the entire Grand Canyon during your amazing stunt!

With that being said, let’s check out the preference options available to you.  Even if you leave the default settings now, knowing where and how to change the settings as needed will come in handy.



MAIN CATEGORY (Left):  Graphics

Sub-Category (Tabs across the top):  General

LOOK AT THE IMAGE. Notice the two arrows in the circled area?  These are the two most common changes made.  The Quality and Speed Performance can make a big difference for your experience. If you have a less powerful computer system, you might want to avoid “ultra” quality.

The draw distance determines how far you can see in the distance.  If you keep your draw distance low, as you walk, items will begin to rez as you get closer.

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!


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