Step 05 : Sitting and Standing

Sitting and standing are two easy and basic animations.  You can sit on just about anything by right clicking on an item and choosing “sit here”. Other items have sit animations built into them so  that your avatar sits in a very real and lifelike fashion.

First, to demonstrate these two scenarios we have provided a bench and an orange box at VWST Checkpoint #05.

On both Bench and Box: Right-click / “Sit Here”.

You will find that sitting on the bench feels and appears as if you are sitting on the bench.


If you sit on the box, or get adventurous and try to sit on the bushes or the ground, you will find that the animation is not accurate in positioning. Ouch!

To stand: Right-click / “Stand up”

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There is almost always several ways to accomplish one task.

At Checkpoint #5 on the Virtual World Survival Trail we have provided two sets of benches and 2 boxes to demonstrate that there is more than one way to accomplish a simple task.

Most of the time these variances are caused by choices the developer made.

The second set, the yellow box and bench, cuts out a step and allows you to sit with a simple touch (left click).


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