Step 06 – Poseballs

Poseballs are a simple way to animate an avatar in a certain situation.

Poseballs can contain static poses with no other movement, or a series of movements looped over and over.

As you might have gathered by now, “TOUCH” means to left click on an item using your mouse.

Touch the poseball at Checkpoint #6 and meditate for a moment enjoying the beauty and serenity of Inspiration Island

To Stand:  Right-Click / Stand-Up

>>>Find the PoseBalls and practice!

There are several poseballs between here and the next checkpoint.  They are set up with both the “Touch-Sit” and the “Right-Click/Sit Here” option to give you practice on figuring out what to do on the fly!

Can you find and use them all?

Additional Note:  As virtual world programming advances, things get better and better.  With the advancement of OpenSim 9.0 you can sit just about anywhere.  Right click / Sit. Try it around the campfire!

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Virtual World Modeling  & Photography
Change Your Sun Position & Lighting

Poseballs are often used in the realms of Virtual World Modeling.  Have you ever wanted to be a model?  Give it a shot!  Put your avatar on a poseball, use your camera controls to line up the perfect angle and take a snapshot!

To take a snapshot, click the PHOTOGRAPH ICON on your TOOLBAR.


If your Snapshot Window is already open you can use the REFRESH button at the top to take another possible snapshot.  You must save each one individually.


There are several different  ways to save your photograph.  You can save it directly to your hard drive, to your inventory (saved as a snapshot in your Photo Album Folder), to your profile timeline, you can even email it to yourself.  Check out the options and experiment with the ones that interest you!

gift-for-youPSSST…there is a large inventory of free poseballs at Freebie Tower.  We will take you there at the end of this level!



To change your sun position you can use the WORLD PULL-DOWN MENU / SUN POSITION as shown on the image below.  There are keystrokes available for each sun position are listed on the menu screenshot:


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