Step 07 – Accepting Dialog Menus

Sometimes items have the choice of more than  one animation.

At VWST Checkpoint #7 you will find a log raft on the water.  This raft has many different options for both single and couple animations. That’s right!  You can stargaze by yourself, or your can cuddle with someone you care about.  Be careful of the KISSES option…unless you really want to get close to your cuddle partner!

  1. TOUCH the raft.

    This will pull up a menu that asks whether you want animations for SINGLES or COUPLES.

  2. Choose Singles or Couples.

    This will lead you to a submenu of “sit style” choices and also drop a poseball(s).

  3. SIT on the poseball.

    Use what you learned in the previous lesson.

  4. Choose YES on the PERMISSIONS WINDOW.

    MOST of the time you will need to respond to a permissions window.  Meaning you are asked to confirm you want the animation. You are basically giving the object control over your avatar body, so that permission step is a good thing! **

**Sometimes this PERMISSIONS WINDOW gets stuck behind your options window, and you are left wondering why it is not working.  LOOK FOR THE PERMISSIONS DIALOG.  You may need to close the options window to get to it.   To get back to the options menu after confirming your request, just touch the raft again.

If your ACCEPT PERMISSIONS window DISAPPEARS see the section below called “Notifications Window”.

If your animation does not look right, meaning you are stuck in a rigid sitting position, clicking ACCEPT on the permissions dialog usually resolves the issue.


Tired of that pose?  Pick another.  Touch the raft again if you closed the menu.


 >> Right-Click  yourself/ choose “Stand Up.”

My Accept Permissions Window disappeared, what do I do?

Sometimes the PERMISSIONS WINDOW flashes in the top right of the window and then it disappears!

These flash pop-up notices are called Chicklets.  Sometimes if you don’t catch them in the first thirty seconds, they get cataloged in your NOTIFICATIONS.

Click the ENVELOPE in the TOP RIGHT  of the VIEWER WINDOW. (If there is no ENVELOPE , you have no notifications)


Clicking the ENVELOPE will open this window:


There are FOUR TABS across the TOP.  This is essentially…your mail.  There is a limit to how many notifications can be stored in your box.  Clean it often or you will lose messages when your “IMs become CAPPED”.

CLICK on a NOTICE to open it.  Find the PERMISSIONS DIALOG and ACCEPT.

NOTE:  You can change the actions of your “Chicklets” in your preferences.

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Getting In Sync

07=sync-danceSometimes when you are engaged in a couples animation, be it dancing, hugging, cuddling, etc., the two avatars look like they are not quite in sync. Or maybe you and a your friends dancing in “Gang” style, but it looks far from a Chorus Line.

You probably need to re-sync your animations.  After all, when it comes to group animations, it really is all about timing.

TOOLBAR:    button-sync


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