Step 08 – Animation Menus – Let’s Dance

Most people that enter virtual worlds find themselves at a live music event or DJ somewhere along their journey. Dancing to the shows is great entertainment and quite easy!

Most venues have a dance system set up for you. All you have to do is touch their Dance Controller and respond to the menus. We have set up an example system for you at VWSG Trail Checkpoint #8.


1) Stand near or under the rotating disco ball at Checkpoint #8 and TOUCH IT.
2) Make your choices from the presented menu and submenu.
3) Confirm your choice on the Permissions Dialog if asked (Accept/Yes).
4) Enjoy your dance!

To change your dance to another option, just touch the Disco Dance Controller again.

Most of the time the Dance Controller is up above like a disco ball of sorts, and sometimes they are globes on top of stands. If you don’t see it, just ask someone. They will point you in the right direction!

Try dancing now!


1) Touch the Dance Controller again and choose “STOP”.


Couples dancing is usually offered at most venues. Couples dance machines will supply two poseballs just like the raft in Checkpoint #7. Just “sit on” the provided poseball, accept the permissions dialog and enjoy your dance!


If you REALLY like to dance, you might want to investigate the built-in AO for Firestorm or look for a personal Dance HUD (Heads-Up Display).  Those topics are outside the scope of this training level, but at least that will point you in the right direction.

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Stopping All Animations

08-stop-allThe dance controller we have provided at Checkpoint #8 has a stop button on the menu, but sometimes you get stuck in an animation without a stop button. Or maybe you teleport (TP) out of a venue and forget to stop dancing first. You can stop all animations by:

1) Pull-down menu: “Avatar”.
2) Choose “Avatar Health”.
3) “Stop All Animations”.

Try it now. Start dancing and use this method to stop.

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!

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