Step 09 – Inventory

closetYour INVENTORY is like your closet, storage room and garage. Everything you are “given”, “take” or “buy” is put into your inventory.

Up until now we have been giving you exact instructions on how to access your INVENTORY. Now it is time to show you how to use your Inventory Panel on your own.

First understand that your INVENTORY can become a big hot mess very quickly. So take the time to learn about your inventory now, before your digital closet begins to overflow with clutter.  Some things are put into a specific place (like landmarks and contact cards for friends) and others are dumped into your general folders.


THREE ways to open your Inventory  Window.

TOOLBAR:   (Suitcase Icon)


MENUS: Avatar / Inventory

Which one works best for you?


There are three tabs across the top:

A. INVENTORY – Access to ALL of your items.

B. RECENT – Items recently obtained.

This tab defaults to show items obtained within the last 24 hours, but can be altered to different time frames using the CUSTOM FILTER as shown on the provided screenshot.















C. WORN– This tab shows all items currently on or attached to your Avatar. (We will talk more about this tab when we talk about OUTFITS in an upcoming Checkpoint Step).


There are many system folders provided by your viewer. Use these folders to organize your inventory items so you don’t have to look in a million places to find your gatherings or creations.

The below graphic may look  a little overwhelming, especially since you don’t know how to use all the items yet, but read through it anyway.  Consider it a reference document.  Even if you don’t yet know how to create a gesture (but you will soon!), you now will have a general understanding of where to look for items on your journey.

You can also create your own folders using the “+” icon to the left-bottom of the inventory window, and you can change your sorting options and a few other things by clicking the cog-wheel settings icon to the very left.


Each item in your inventory has a specific icon associated with its type. This will help you easily identify the item you seek.

The OBJECTS (coalesced or otherwise) are the ones in disguise.  they can be just about anything.  From a complete building set to a rose you can hold in your hand.

The trick to keeping your OBJECTS and all other items organized is to give them good names and descriptions.

It is also wise to manage collected items immediately.  For instance, when you make your way over to Inspiration Island Freebie Tower you could easily collect hundreds of items.  Taking  a moment to move them to the proper folders is a good idea.

Many people find it helpful to create subfolders under their OBJECTS SYSTEM FOLDER (i.e., landscaping, building materials, statues, vehicles, etc.).

This works well for your TEXTURES and CLOTHING folders too.  Those are three folders  and item types that get out of hand very quickly.

NOTE: Textures are picture files (.jpg,.png).  They are not the same as snapshots you take from your camera icon and can be found in your System Textures Folder.  For example, if you were building a house you might want your favorite tile on the floor.  The picture of that tile is called a “texture”.  Look around you, everything you see looks like it does because of it’s assigned texture. (We will teach you how to do this later.  Building in virtual worlds is not in this VWSG First Level.)

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Use Two Inventory Windows for Easy Organization

Sure, we suggested you organize your inventory on a regular basis but we are guessing you are like the rest of us.  You give it a great attempt and then one or two shopping/collecting sprees later you are in the middle of a mess.

You can easily move items in your inventory with the drag and drop method, but this can get taxing if your inventory list is long and folders expand to any depth.  Thank goodness there is an easy solution!

At the bottom of your Inventory Panel you will see three icons.  We already mentioned the (1) “Cog-Wheel Settings” icon for sorting folders and other options; (2) the “+” icon that provides you options to create new folders, clothing and body parts. The THIRD ICON is what you want to focus on now, the SUITCASE.

Look familiar?  Click the SUITCASE icon from that location and a SECOND INVENTORY PANEL will appear.

Drag and drop items from one window to another into your desired folders.

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!

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