Step 10 – ITEMS, Taking Copies and Buying

Inspiration Island and have partnered to offer OpenSim.Life residents an incredible resource of free items.  We know that many of you taking this course are quite interested in learning how to improve your avatar appearance.  What we are about to learn is how you can fill your Inventory with items to do just that...AND if you have purchased some land and are building your first home, this information applies to that as well!

Let's learn how you can take advantage of objects available and claim them for your avatar!

If you decided to accept your Angel Wings at VWST Checkpoint #2  you have already tapped into this process, but let's walk through it step-by-step so you understand exactly what is going on.


We will take you to the NEWBIE VAULT for a FREE SHOPPING SPREE and MAKEOVER! This incredible resource is only available to residents.  Call us home and you can get access too!


Everything you see around you is either an object or coalesced object (See Step #9, Inventory).

Every object is assigned permissions of use ("who" can do "what" with that object). 

These permissions are assigned originally by the creator of the item, and those granted permissions can be modified by the current owner.

The permission options include: copy, modify, transfer and export.  

Since every object we encounter has permissions (including clothes), it will greatly help you to understand what those permissions mean.  

COPY - you can make as many copies of this item as you like.  If you drag the item out and rez it onto the land, the original copy will remain in your inventory.  You can safely delete the item rezzed on land when you are done with it, or take it back into your inventory giving you two copies. You will learn about rezzing in the next step extra credit section.

NO COPY - when you drag this item out of your inventory onto land, be sure to TAKE it back into your inventory when you are done.  It is your only copy.

MODIFY - means that you do have some modification permissions.  It could be resizing, changing the color or replacing the texture. This could also mean you are able to modify any included scripts, but not necessarily.  An item might give the next user the option to change the color, but not modify the script.  So if you are purchasing something and want complete modification rights, read the fine print.

TRANSFER - means you have the rights to give this to another person.

COPY/TRANSFER - you can freely share these items, with the original item remaining in your inventory.

NO COPY/TRANSFER - you can give it to someone, but you will not keep the original copy. You will no longer have access to the item once you transfer it to another avatar.

FULL PERM - means you have full rights to copy/modify/transfer.

EXPORT - refers to the ability to take it out of the virtual world you are currently traveling into another virtual world grid. You come across these permissions if you want to export a building from one world to rez or ressurect it in another.  More commonly for most, you will run across it when you are trying to Hypergrid (travel from one virtual grid to another, i.e. from OpenSim.Life to  Kitely or DigiWorldz, Step #19).  Everything attached to your body must be exportable to make that MetaVerse journey. The Inspiration Island Freebie Tower is set up with complete Hypergrid Ready Outfits if you run into trouble on that end.


We have prepared two gift sets for you at VWST Checkpoint #10. This will give you a chance to experiment with different ways you can gather stuff around Inspiration Island and the entire MetaVerse. Try each example below to put the items in your inventory.

Don't worry about doing anything with your new belongings just yet.  Concentrate on the process of putting them in your Inventory.  We will use these objects and learn how to get dressed in the next lesson.



GIVER SCRIPTS are used by some creators to make things super easy for the user.

When you hover over an item such as this you will see your mouse change into a FINGER.



  1. TOUCH the box;
  2. Look up to the right hand corner and find the blue dialog box asking permission to put the items in your inventory.  ACCEPT the item being offered to you.

The item will be found in your main inventory window, a folder named: Tshirts from Inspiration Island


sign-pantsRIGHT-CLICK / MORE / TAKE COPY is how you can gather items that are out and about virtual worlds and set to allow anyone to copy.


  1. Right-Click the Box;
  2. Choose "More";
  3. Choose "Take Copy".

The item will be found under your OBJECTS folder labeled by its name: Pants from Inspiration Island

In this case you took a copy of the entire box AND it's contents.  That means you can't just put on the box you received, you have to unpack it first.


To unpack it you have to be able to pull the item from your inventory and place it on the ground.  Think of this like a bag full of groceries, and before you can use the items you have to unpack and put them away.  In order to be able to place an item on land, you have to have rez rights.  Inspiration Island allows their group members a lot of privileges, but in order to rez you have to(1) be a  group member  and (2) have your group tag activated .

10-inventory-recentIf you have followed directions and are standing at Checkpoint #10 and have taken a copy of the Pants box, find it in your inventory.

Open Inventory (Step #09) , Recents Tab, Objects Folder, Pants from Inspiration Island

> Left click on the object and drag it to the ground.

> Right click on the object and choose open.

> Choose Copy to Inventory. Whether the object contains one item or 100 items, they will all be copied to your inventory.

We'll learn how to get dressed in the next step.  

STOP! BEFORE YOU LEAVE - Right Click the box you put on the ground, Choose EDIT, DELETE key on your keyboard.  This is a copy item, so the original remained in your inventory when you rezzed it on land.  If it was a no-copy item, you would choose TAKE to take it back into your inventory.

CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH! Help us keep our beautiful island litter-free.


sign-buywellTOUCH (Left-Click)  TO BUY is used when an item is set to be sold. Items can be sold for $0 or any other dollar amount.  The buying process in Kitely uses "Kitely Currency" (KC) and inworld purchases will remove KC from your Kitely account. In this case, our item is FREE, but will still walk  you through the buying process.

We have set the OLD WELL for sale, $0.


  1. TOUCH the well - as you hover your mouse will change to a finger with a $ sign;
  2. Choose BUY from the menu presented. If you look at the window closely you will see KC0 - meaning the item is zero dollars/free.

The item will be saved in your inventory window under your OBJECTS folder: Outside - Old Well.

RIGHT-CLICK/PAY - Our example does not have an included pay script because the item is free.  On occasion you will come across an item that requires you to use the Right-Click, "Pay" option.  It all depends on how the creator set up the object for interaction. Don't be afraid to left-click and right-click on an item to see what options are available.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no uniform currency used throughout the Metaverse.  You may run into this issue if you decide to Hypergrid (Step #19) to another grid. PayPal is fast becoming the popular method of payment and now an available option on most venue and live performers tip jars. On Inspiration Island you can also use Gloebits.

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Kitely Marketplace

For those of you that don't want to go on a scavenger hunt for free items or perhaps don't see exactly what you are looking for in our Freebie Tower, you can always visit the  Kitely Marketplace.

The Kitely Marketplace has a sophisticated delivery system that allows you to purchase for your avatar or as a gift for another avatar -- and you are not confined to the Kitely grid.  You can send items to your avatar here on OpenSim.Life and Inspiration Island. Most products are sold using PayPal as an option.  Super convenient for custom items by quality designers.

The author of the Virtual World Survival Guide™ and creator of the Virtual World Survival Trail on Inspiration Island has a store at Kitely® Marketplace, SingerGirl's Sensation Creations™.

All proceeds go towards our educational efforts here on Inspiration Island.

Thank you for your support!

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!

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