Step 12 – “Painted On” Clothing vs. Attachments

There are two types of things we can add to our bodies:
System-based “painted-on” clothing and “attachments”.

In VWSG Step #9 we learned all about our inventory and the icons associated with item types.  Any item that uses an actual clothing icon, like a jacket, shirt, pants, etc., is a “painted-on” item. You can make some changes to these items, but you cannot move or adjust them.  A Jacket will always be attached in the “jacket-assigned” location.

Attachment Objects can be assigned any location.  If you have “modify rights” on that item, you can move and adjust it, and sometimes do even more to customize the item to your liking!

Keep reading  to learn how much control you really have over what you wear.


gift-for-youWe have provided a hat for you at VWST Checkpoint #12 to do this experiment.

>> Touch the Hat and Accept our gift to you.

>> Find the Hat in your Inventory: a folder labeled “Inspiration Island Hat”

**We are going to mess with the structure of the hat, so you might want to make a copy first.  
>>> Right-Click on the actual Inspiration Island Hat Item and choose COPY.
>>> Right-Click on the Inspiration Island Hat Folder and choose PASTE.
>>> Right-Click/Rename by adding “experiment” at the end if you wish.

>> Right-Click on Experiment Hat in your Inventory Window and choose “ADD

**Remember the ADD / WEAR discussion we had earlier? In the case of a HAT, it is most likely attached to your head — where your HAIR is probably also attached. Choosing ADD, adds the Hat to the Head location.  If you were to choose WEAR, it would most likely replace your HAIR with the HAT.

Voila!  You are now wearing a hat!

Learn to Manipulate Objects

 12-edit-windowUse the EDIT OBJECTS WINDOW to edit Attached Objects and Objects placed on Your Land

>> Right-Click on the Hat (the one that is actually on your head, or the one that is marked “worn” in your Inventory Window);

>> Choose EDIT.This will open your EDIT OBJECT WINDOW.

>>Study this window for a  moment.


The TOP SECTION involves the action of editing the object.

The BOTTOM SECTION relates to the permissions of the object.

The MIDDLE SECTION has a series of tabs used to provide information, as well as tools to edit and build objects.

To get our hat looking right on our head, we are going to work with the TOP SECTION.  You are the Owner of the hat you are wearing and therefore have Next Owner Rights.  This particular hat is a full-perm item originally created by Graham Mills_2.  He has provided this item with Full-Perm Next Owner Rights.  We have passed along those rights to you, so you can modify it as you wish.

The radio button choices outlined by the RED BOX are your action items.  These are what you can do to the item.

The check box choices outlined by the YELLOW BOX are your action options.  For instance, if you check the “Stretch Both Sides” option, when you perform the action of stretching the object will grow from the center out.  If you are only wanting to add two -inches to the left side, you want to make sure this box is unchecked.


MOVE: presents six arrows you can grab and drag with your mouse. Right, Left, Forward, Back, Up and Down.

ROTATE: presents three colored circles along the x,y and z axis.  Grab them with your mouse and drag to rotate.**

STRETCH: presents edit points along the outside of the object. Grab them with your mouse and stretch to the desired size and shape.**

KEYSTROKES can save you TIME with EDITING:

If your EDIT OBJECTS Window is open and the object is selected and the MOVE radio button is checked (default) you will see six directional arrows. The object is ready to be moved. You can also:


If you haven’t already, adjust your hat as needed!


This is what it looks like when the HAT OBJECT is in edit mode. Right-Click /Edit on the object physically or from your Inventory Window. Grab the arrows with your mouse to adjust the hat position.


To remove an attached item you can Right-Click on it (either on your physical body or in your Inventory Window) and choose DETACH. This will remove the item from your body and the “(worn)” tag will disappear in your Inventory Window.

Be wary of the DROP command.  If you try to drop something onto a piece of land where you do not have the right to do so, your item could get lost.

Learn to Edit Your  Inspiration Island Tshirt!

As we stated at the beginning of this lesson, any item in your inventory that is associated with a clothing icon, is system-based “painted-on” clothing item. This means you can’t move it. can’t wear the Jacket on your legs.  Not possible.  But there are lots of other things that are possible.  We are going to give you a glimpse of that by editing the Inspiration Island T-shirt.

>> FIRST make a copy of the original shirt in case we really mess it up.
(Right-Click on Item/Copy then Right Click on Folder/Paste).

>> Right-Click the shirt item in your Inventory and choose Wear – if you don’t already have it on.

>Right-Click on the shirt in your Inventory Window and choose EDIT. (you can also do this from yourAppearance/Edit Outfits option)


>> Save your work!

If you make any changes, the “Save As” option will become available.  Choose that option to save a new version of the shirt.  Or choose the save at the top to save the item you have on with your current changes.

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Creating Your Own Clothing from Scratch


Ever dream of having your own clothing line?  You can do it right here in virtual worlds!

To get started with creating your own clothes from scratch use the “+” sign at the bottom of your Inventory Window.  “New Clothing” is an option there. Once you request a new clothing template item it will put it in your system Clothing inventory folder.  Right-click/rename the new clothing item, then right-click/edit to begin designing.

Sometimes it is all in the “fabric”!

Along with the details of changing the length and whether your new shirt (or other item) has wrinkles or not, you can assign it textures.  In this case the picture would be the “fabric” you wish to paint onto the clothing  template.

There is A LOT that can go into the art of virtual clothing design.  You can learn how to upload your own textures here, but if you want to learn more about clothes?  Keep a look-out for one of our clothing design classes!

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!


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