Step 14 – Communication – Local Chat Window & Making Friends

There are many ways to communicate in virtual worlds. Your LOCAL CHAT WINDOW is communication central!

13-chat-windowLOCAL CHAT is an open and common chat window that anyone within a 20 meter radius can see as well as participate in ongoing text chat conversation.

The LOCAL CHAT window is also a place where you will see SYSTEM MESSAGES (like when you joined our Land Group!).

In addition to system notifications, sometimes you can send a “text command” through local chat to interact with items and people. We will learn more about those options as we go along.  Let’s take it one easy step at a time.

To see who is in your chat range you can use your radar (see below).



There are three ways you can open your CHAT WINDOW:

  1. TOOLBARchat-bubble Chat Bubble Icon
  3. PULL-DOWN MENU:  Comm / Chat

Which works best for you?


Your RADAR will show you what avatars are in your vicinity.

To open your RADAR you have two options:
1) Pull-down Menu WORLD / RADAR;
2) Use the RADAR button on your Toolbar menu.

Once your RADAR is open it will show everyone in your area.


Use your range slider if you wish to limit or expand the radar distance.

Local Chat Range: 20 meters

You can SHOUT at someone in Local Chat.  This will reach a 100 meter distance.

To SHOUT: Type your message in the local chat window and then submit with CNTRL+ENTER.

You can WHISPER at someone in Local Chat as well. This will reach a distance of only 10 meters.

TO WHISPER: Type your message in the local chat window and then submit with SHIFT+ENTER.

LOCAL CHAT will identify your Shout and Whisper as shown below:




Adding FRIENDS to your FRIENDS LIST makes connecting with them a LOT easier.

When you meet someone you want to be able to contact easily, invite them to be your friend. If the “Add Friend” option is grayed out, as it is on the image below, you are already friends!


In virtual worlds you can meet many wonderful people from all over the world, in all walks of life…but remember, anyone can be hiding behind those pixels.  If you do have the unfortunate situation where someone is harassing or disturbing you, the menu options at the bottom are where you want to focus.

Blocking will keep them from sending you private messages.  Depending on your viewer version and personal preferences, this can also block you from seeing them in the room or what they say in local chat. You will still see their name in radar.

Derender means to remove their pixel presence from your viewer.

Derender & Blacklist is the  management window for these options.  You can remove avatars from this list to re-render or unblock.

Enjoy your virtual world experience and make new friends, but use precautions regarding personal information just like you would anywhere else!

INVENTORY / Calling Cards: when  you become friends with someone.  Their calling card is placed in your Inventory / Calling Cards Folder.  You can also share contact cards with other people, like passing a business contact card!


The CONTACTS TAB supplies you with a list of both your FRIENDS and the GROUPS you have joined.





Now that we know how to communicate with our local environment, let’s find out how to communicate with our friends privately as well as with our chosen organizational groups in the next lesson!

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Save Typing Effort with Abbreviations.

Typing can be tedious. I know, that’s a real surprise of a statement, right? In this section we are going to provide some acronyms that people often use in chat to save typing time.  Feel free to comment on this page with suggested additions (keep it PG please).

BRB = Be right back.
GMTA = Great minds think alike.
GTSY = Great to see you
GTSYA = Great to see you again.
LOL = Laugh out loud.
LM = Landmark
LMHO = Laugh my head off.
NC = Notecard (Virtual World Text Doc)
RL – Real Life
SL – 2nd “Virtual World” Life
SMH = Shaking my head.
TP = Teleport
TY = Thank you
TYVM = Thank you very much.
WB = Welcome back.
YW = You’re welcome.
YVW = You’re very welcome.

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!

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