Step 15 – Group Chat and Private IM

Using your CHAT WINDOW you can also communicate with friends privately or in groups.

13-contacts-friendsAs shown in the previous lesson, find your friend using

RADAR (if they are close enough)


>> Right-Click their Name

>> Choose IM (Instant Message)



As you may recall from the first lesson, GROUPS can be associated with “organizations” (Groups)  and “organizations with land” (Land Groups).

As an example, we invited you to join the Inspiration Island Land Group.  This gives you access to our Group Chat as well as rights to interact with our land and objects.

If a favorite live entertainer invites to you join their group to receive notices about show times, it is an organizational group and doesn’t involve land rights (unless they invite you to their land for a show, of course!).

GROUP CHATS can be as boring as advertisement announcements only, to entertaining chatter about an event, or about nothing and everything. Group chat can be great fun once you get to know the “family” members. Some group owners have rules about what you can do within their Group Chat Window and some have absolutely no rules at all.



>> Open up your CHAT WINDOW and choose the Contacts / Groups as shown

The buttons on the right are your QUICK OPTIONS.

To start a group chat, use the IM button.  The resulting window will give you a chance to talk to anyone that is online and belongs to that group.


Most of the time, when Groups are “chatty” it is interesting and fun, but maybe you come across a group chat that pops up and constantly interrupts your activity with conversation you just don’t care about.

If you don’t like the Group, you can “Leave” it using the button as shown on the right above. But sometimes the Group has benefits you appreciate, you just don’t want to be involved in the chatter.

>> Click the Group to highlight it

>>Cliick the Info button.

This will open up the Group Information Panel where all sorts of information is available.  Look around this window to satisfy your curiosity, but then focus on the bottom.  There are checkbox options that involve your relationship and interaction with the Group.


Show in my profile:  If this box is checked, the Group is listed in your profile. If you want to enroll in the Group privately, without announcing it on your profile, uncheck this box.

Receive Group Instant Messages: This option refers to the Group Chat as discussed above.  If you want a Chat Window to pop up when a Group Chat is initiated, keep this item checked.

Receive Group Notices:  Group notices is a mass communication sent at once to all the Group members.  Notices (by default, unless you change in your preferences) will pop up as they are delivered in the top right of your screen.  If you miss a notice, click the envelope icon at the top tight.


A = Click the Envelope Icon in top right of screen to open your “NOTICES WINDOW

B = Notices window has tabs across the top (for most recent Firestorm Versions) to separate the different types of notices.  In this case we have chosen the Group Tab.

C = Clicking on a notice from the list will open and provide you with the notice information.  There is a LIMIT to how many notifications you can receive.  Clean out your notification mailbox often.

If you want to receive these notices, keep this option checked.  If you don’t, uncheck to remove your name from their notification list.

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Chat Logs and History

Chat logs, especially private messages, feel like they are very private.  Keep in mind that most people have their chat logs turned on, and every word that it is said in chat is documented on the users computer. This comes in very handy when you conduct business in virtual worlds, not so much if you are swearing you didn’t say something and the logs proved otherwise. The location of your chat log is set in preferences.  The first checkbox option on this first image, “Save nearby chat transcript” is defaulted to OFF.  Open your preferences and check that box if you want to keep a log of your local chat history.



Generally it is better to save the chat logs to the system determined location, but this is where you can find or change the path to your log files.

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