Step 16 – Automated Gestures

If you find yourself typing the same things over and over again, you might want to turn that into an automated gesture.

Automated gestures  are as simple as putting a message in local chat to as advanced as adding text, sound and movement  routines.  And you can express yourself by animating your avatar with these “gestures”. It’s actually really easy!


There are three ways to access the GESTURES Control Window.

  1. TOOLBAR: Click the GESTURES icon on your toolbar;
  3. PULL-DOWN MENUS: Comm / Gestures



16-virtual-world-gestures-windowThe window on the left is your GESTURE Control Panel.

The window on your right is your Inventory, with a screenshot of the system Gestures Folder.

To PLAY a GESTURE, highlight it and click play!  You can also use the commands in the CHAT column in Local Chat!

At the bottom left you will see some familiar icons:  The Settings Cog with options regarding your preferences and the “+” button.  Focus on this button if you want to create your own gestures.



So how about we take a minute and create our own gesture?

>>Open your Gestures Control Panel

>>Click the “+” icon button at the bottom left of the window;

>> Study the Image and your Gestures Control Panel to review your options.

Now give it a shot!

>> Fill out the Description with something that helps you identify it.

> Enter your replacement and desired short-cuts (if you plan to use your Gestures Control Window, you can leave these blank).

>> Highlight “Chat” in the Library Section and Click the ADD Button to the right.

>>Type in something you want to say and hit enter. SAVE and make ACTIVE when you are done!

You can add multiple library actions to your gesture.  Highlight the library item and follow instructions.  NOTE THAT unless you use the WAIT command option from the library, all actions will happen simultaneously.

>>RENAME your GESTURE.  Open up your Inventory and find the system folder “Gestures”.  Right click on the one that says “New Gesture” and rename.

To play your gesture you can PREVIEW from inside the NEW GESTURE WINDOW or PLAY from the GESTURE CONTROL PANEL.


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Let’s play Rock, Paper, Scissors!

rock-paper-scissocrsYep, that’s right.  You can play Rock, Paper, Scissors right here in virtual worlds.  Whether you are using it with a friend to decide which live music event to attend or seeing who gets to blow each other up next, this familiar game is an example of many ways you can entertain yourself.

You should already have these in your system “Gestures” folder, but if you don’t see Rock Paper Scissors there, we have provided them for you at VWST Checkpoint #16.



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