Step 19- Hypergrid Travel, What is it?

The answers this question better than anything we could write and gives you many tips and tricks if you want to know more than the average beginner:

What is the hypergrid?

19-hypergridThe hypergrid is an extension to opensim that allows you to link your opensim to other opensims on the internet, and that supports seamless agent transfers among those opensims. It can be used both in standalone mode and in grid mode. The hypergrid is effectively supporting the emergence of a Web of virtual worlds.

The basic idea for the hypergrid is that region/grid administrations can place hyperlinks on their map to hypergrided regions run by others. Once those hyperlinks are established, users interact with those regions in exactly the same way as they interact with local regions. Specifically, users can choose to teleport there. Once the user reaches the region behind the hyperlink, she is automatically interacting with a different virtual world without having to logout from the world where she came from, and while still having access to her inventory.



Transporting your inventory items from one world to another does have some challenges.  First, look in your INVENTORY for the MY SUITCASE FOLDER**. Just as if you were going on a trip in your real life, you need to pack your suitcase to take things with you when you travel.  Simple copy or move the inventory items you want access to, into the My Suitcase folder.  While traveling, use the items from there instead of your regular inventory folders.  When you get home, unpack your suitcase!

**Please Note that 32-bit Computers DO NOT have the My Suitcase Folder Option.  This does not mean that you can’t enjoy Hypergridding, it just means that you may not have access to the items in your inventory while traveling, and you may have issues picking things up and bringing them home.


19-nonexportableItems on your body MUST have the permission “exportable”.  If not, and you try to HyperGrid, you will receive a message telling you which items are not exportable.  You can take that item off and try again, OR, you can head over to FREEBIE Tower at VWST Checkpoint #20 and get your makeover first!  Additional information is available to help you over there, and most of our avatars are marked with “HyperGrid Ready” which means you can be sure when you “Replace Your Outfit” with that Avatar you will be ready for HyperGrid Travel.



The structure of a hypergrid link is <hg-address>:<hg-port>:[<region-name>]/[coordinates separated by “/”-optional]

Our Hypergrid Address is:

hop:// Island/366/338/23




Finally, before we move on, some prefer people use their World Map feature.  You can access this control panel by

TOOLBAR: the Map Icon;


PULL-DOWN- MENUS: World / World Map

Feel free to look around and check out its option.  The map control panel tends to confuse newbies, so we will not be covering in detail, but if you are curious just stick our Hypergrid Address in the Place field and click the FIND BUTTON.

NOTE: Occasionally you have to get to the GRID first before you can access a region.  If you have trouble teleporting try the hypergrid in two steps…like a layover with a flight plan.

  1. hop://
  2. Inspiration Island


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Easy Access Teleport Buttons

At the TOP LEFT of your Viewer, next to the browser address window,  you see a few buttons when you look closely:


“<“ =  Visit Previous Location

“>” = Go Forward One Location

HOME ICON = Teleport to your set Home Location

The QUICK ACCESS Navigation Buttons do have some issues when traveling the HyperGrid.  They may not always function properly when dealing with Virtual Worlds that are On Demand so don’t forget to get or create a Landmark if you find some place you like!



If you FORGET to GET A LANDMARK, check your Teleport History for assistance:


TOOLBAR: the Teleport History Icon;


PULL-DOWN- MENUS: World / Teleport History

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OUR MISSION with the VWSG is to answer all your questions and make your Virtual World Existence easy and fun!  If we missed something, assumed some knowledge or you have a suggestion of inclusion to this particular lesson, please leave your comments below.  Thank you for visiting us today!

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