Sonya Jevette Soul Saturday Returns Video Stream in 3DWebWorldz @ 4PM PDT

WHO: Sonya Jevette
Web Address

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WHEN: Saturday 07/27/19, 4PM PM Pacific Time.


We have waited a whole month and it is time once again for soul Saturday. It doesn’t matter what type of week you have had good or bad. A little Funk and soul at the end of it make it that much better. If you haven’t seen Sonya yet,  where have you been? She has played over an hour nearly every month and folks always leave them wanting more. It just takes a minute to log in and be a part of the show. You don’t even have to register if you don’t want to. Our new dance and interaction HUD will make you feel like Sonya is singing only to you. Bring a friend and join us.




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About Sonya
Sonya Jevette combines her rich, passionate voice and her gut-wrenching lyrics with classical, Latin and jazz style guitar. This configuration produces a style that can only be described as unique.

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