Virtual World Information & Training

Virtual Worlds and Reality is the wave of the future -- it's not just for gamers anymore.  Virtual worlds offer incredible opportunities for education, employment, social activities and creative endeavors, to name a few.  Inspiration Island is dedicated to helping you understand the possibilities at hand, and to help you get started.

Take a moment to review our resources and contact us if you need additional assistance:

Getting Started in Virtual Worlds:  Learn how to create an avatar, download the necessary software and log in for the first time.

FAQ:  Why do I have to download software to join Virtual Worlds?

Virtual worlds require a special "viewer" designed for 3D interaction and graphics.  At this time it is required to participate.  Follow our instructions and we will make it as easy as possible.

As a sidenote, we dream of virtual worlds without that extra software step ourselves and have begun creating solutions to that end.  Check out  We recommended an updated version of Google Chrome.

Virtual World Survival Trail - We have created an interactive trail on Inspiration Island where you can learn a skill and then actually test it out with some fun experiments and examples!  

Virtual World Survival Guide - This online website guide is accessed when following the trail above as needed, but you can also read online.  Follow the link and check out some of our lessons.  They will make more sense to you, when you put them to action with the downloaded software.  They also make a great reference for your virtual world life, refer to them anytime.

See something that should be in the guide, but we missed?  Let us know..we'll add it as soon as we can!