Lunessence Ballroom

Lunessence Ballroom is no doubt, the most beautiful spot on Inspiration Island.  Created by  Luna Lunaria, our gifted and talented grid family member, it is a must see.  Check our schedule for an event at this amazing location.  Formal dress is not required, but sure recommended in order for you to embrace the full ambiance.

To see more amazing builds like this, visit the full Lunaria Region.  There is a teleport sign at the entrance of this building or while on the island you can open your map and search for ‘Lunaria‘.  Hypergridders use this address:  OpenSim.Life:80:Lunaria.

And GOOD NEWS, you can do more than gaze and gawk. We encourage you to outfit your region with one of Luna’s amazing buildings and also her beautiful accessories. From Inspiration Island you can map search for Lunaria Emporium. Hypergridders use this address: emporium.

Don’t have any formal attire for a Lunessence Ballroom event?  Check out the Inspiration Island shopping area.