Shopping & Style

Inspiration Island and OurGrid.Life support content creators and 3D Artists.  We also support the Ruth and Roth project – OpenSource Mesh Avatars (Thank you to the creators and volunteers that brought us this option!).  Clothing in the SingerGirl Modé Collection is optimized for Ruth, but some items include the alpha textures for our classic avatar friends.  Please be sure to check the contents or contact SingerGirl if you need alpha assistance.

As of 4/23/19, our store is just now being populated with items: Clothing, furniture and accessories.  So feel free to come look around.  Need something custom made?  Let us know..between our talented grid family members, we can pretty much make whatever you need.

Our shopping center is located in the base of our Art Gallery. Don’t forget to jump upstairs and enjoy the original artistic creations!