Virtual World Survival Trail

This one of a kind innovative trail is designed to make virtual worlds accessible to everyone, and designed to correspond with our Virtual World Survival Guide™.

If you’re new to virtual worlds we will teach you everything you need to know from the ground up. From creating and dressing your avatar to organizing your inventory to hypergridding. By the time you finish this course we guarantee you will be a virtual world expert.

 If you are a virtual world veteran, there is plenty for you here as well. In fact, a few of our veteran virtual world editors were delighted to learn a few new things in the development of this course. So check it out and learn a few tips that will make your virtual world life easier and more fun!
Even though the entire VIRTUAL WORLD SURVIVAL TRAIL isn’t quite ready, you can still join learn how to join us here:

Don’t Try to Do it ALL in One Day

We know you are excited, but take your time.  There is a LOT of information here.  Do what you can and when you start to lose focus, go do some exploring.  Next time you log in, come back and do a little more!   Learn how to set your HOME to HERE in Step #01 to make it even easier!