Flashback time…and you can do it on roller skates.  This venue comes equipped with everything you need for a night fun.  It all started with the simple issue of SingerGirl (the island sponsor), not being able to find her feet.  Eventually, she found something better….ROLLER SKATES!  After an evening of fun… building skating obstacles and discussing favorite movies… Grid Owner Bill Blight got an idea. A few days of “no sleep” later, Xanadu on Inspiration Island was preparing for the Grand Opening event.  We love it and know you will too.  Feel free to come roller skate anytime.  Check the schedule for a special night of fun with DJ Bill Blight or an entertainment extravaganza with SingerGirl, the kickers and all the dancing muses too!

THANK YOU OURGRID.LIFE (formerly known as OpenSim.Life), for helping us make the Grand Opening such a huge success!